CASEFILE 1012104235 – Transcript Excerpt – Subject: Dr. Carter Evans, Interviewer: Agent Danielle Janson



EVANS: It was huge.

JANSON: State your name for the record.

EVANS: Just immense. I still can’t…

JANSON: We know, Dr. Evans. Just please state your name for the record so we can begin.

EVANS: Uh, Dr. Carter Evans.

JANSON: And what do you do here at the site?

EVANS: I’m a mathematician.

JANSON: Describe the object. What did you see?

EVANS: Mouths. Eyes. Hundreds of them. Maybe thousands. The mouths gaped. The eyes flickered around, blinking out of sequence with each other. It was just a massive lump of flesh covered in mouths and eyes. It was terrible.

JANSON: What color was it?

EVANS: Mottled. Green and black mostly. There were brown patches that looked like rot.

JANSON: And what did it do?

EVANS: It made a sound. Roared. It filled up the whole world. My body shook from the force of it. I thought my eardrums would burst. My left ear was making a crackling sound, like a bad speaker. It went on forever that sound.

JANSON: But it didn’t do anything else?

EVANS: I thought I would go mad if it didn’t stop. All those mouths, just shrieking in unison. I wanted to die. I wished I could die to make the sound stop. It was terrible.

JANSON: But it didn’t do anything.

EVANS: No, Ma’am. It just hung there in space.

JANSON: It was floating?

EVANS: It was so real. So there. You see stuff in movies sometimes. It looks pretty real, but you can always spot the fakery. You can kind of see the seams, how they fit it into the film. Nothing real ever looks like that. Not ever. The skin was glistening in the sun. It’s eyes were watching everything at once and then it opened all of its mouths and just howled.

JANSON: And you saw all of this clearly?

EVANS: Oh yes. Too clearly.

JANSON: How far were you from the… object?

EVANS: I was in the bunker. About a mile away, I guess?

JANSON: And you saw all of this from that distance?

EVANS: I told you. It was enormous. You can’t imagine it. The sheer size… it was… nothing living on this earth in all of history was ever that big. Nothing.

JANSON: And then what happened?

EVANS: It vanished.

JANSON: Vanished?

EVANS: The howling just cut off abruptly. No echo. No sound. Not even a pop. Something that size should have displaced a lot of air. It should have made at least a big pop when it went. Nothing though. Total silence. Just gone. Like it never was.


EVANS: So it was there? I started to think I hallucinated it. I was sure I just…

JANSON: That’s under investigation.

EVANS: What about the experiment?

JANSON: Under investigation. Pending [REDACTED] recovery.

EVANS: Is she okay? What happened to her?

JANSON: The effects of the… object… were somewhat more pronounced at the site. The bunker had a minor intrusion, but the ground zero site was subject to some more unusual effects. That’s all I can tell you.

EVANS: Is she going to be okay?

JANSON: Classified.

EVANS: I thought we were just testing a new propulsion system. An engine. What did we really do?

JANSON: That is also classified. Even if it wasn’t, I couldn’t tell you. I don’t know. That’s above my pay grade.

EVANS: Good. We can’t tell anyone about this. No one can know. And whatever we did, we can’t do it again. We can’t. We have no right to take that kind of risk!

JANSON: Dr. Evans…

EVANS: That sound…

JANSON: Dr. Evans maybe we should…

EVANS: That sound was the death of hope.

JANSON: Dr. Evans maybe we should take a break.



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